Wi-Fi Star Dimmer

Easy to Install


Shut OFF the power at the circuit breaker for the switch you are replacing.


Identify the wires on your Wi-Fi Star Dimmer.


Push all the wires back into the wall box and try to allow as much space for the switch as possible. Attach the faceplate.


Setting up the Star Dimmer with the UBright APP.

Capacitive touch screens

Just slide your finger on the touchpanel for raise or lower the lights. The LED key provides nighttime lighting instructions, so you can easily find the Star Dimmer at night.

Broadcom inside   

Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), a leading provider of semiconductor solutions enabling broadband communications. Broadcom's Wi-Fi Technology, that delivers best Real-World Wi-Fi® Performance. Broadcom's high performance Wi-Fi features the greatest breadth and depth in the industry.
Reverse Phase-Control
Typically used to control electronic low-voltage (ELV) light sources, reverse phase control is best for capacitive loads such as LED drivers. This control type is often more successful at high performance LED dimming without flicker.

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Controls Any Dimmable Lamp